Amica TRR770 Label & Flatbed System

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Amica TRR770 Label & Flatbed System

Expand your business in small workspace
The TRR770 accepts both roll and rigid media substrates from films to metals. The TRR770 delivers a wide range of high-quality, durable indoor and outdoor applications. You will gain big versatility —— from POPs to backlits, signs, displays, decorations, etc. —— with the affordable TRR770.

 In flatbed printing mode, Gantry moves along gantry guide for high performance printing. The TRR770 provides the ability to print onto rigid media up to 800mm (31.5") wide x 430 mm (16.9") long and up to 200mm (8") thick.
 The TRR770 owns the ability of smooth changeover from roll to rigid or from rigid to roll media. The roll-to-roll optional device can be easily assembled with hasp locks.
 The roll media option offers the ability to print onto flexible media up to 770mm (30") wide.

 User friendly color LCD Smart Panel provides printer status information and offline printer control.
 Automatic Ink Supply System monitors and controls the ink levels of the main/ sub ink tanks with liquid level sensors. The alarm will be automatically triggered for ink shortage or overflows.
 An Active Negative Pressure System with digital control pressure display gauges ensures high-quality printing at higher possible firing frequency of inkjet printing with industrial piezo print head.
 Advanced Variable Droplet Size Control Technology enables 1 to 3 levels of grayscale ink drop size control to improve the print quality of gradations and color.

Ink System
 UV curable inks; CMYK, White, Varnish
 1L main ink tank for each color
 Automatic ink supply system
 Active negative pressure system

Print System
 DOD piezo electric grayscale print heads, automatic voltage and temperature control
 Double UV-LED lamps with air cooled
 Automatic print head maintenance module for purging, wiping and capping
 Automatically detect the thickness of media

 High speed USB 2.0 interface

 All popular desktop file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, EPS and DCS

RIP and User Interface
 ColorPRINT RIP software
 Control panel with color LCD display panel
 Printer Control Software (PCS)

 White+Varnish
 1200dpi
 200mm (8”) Thick
 Flatbed
 Roll-to-roll (2 rolls in one time printing)


ColorPRINT offers fast RIP speed, reliable & efficient job printing production, and streamlined workflow.
? Creative main interface especially with intuitive preview
? Basic parameters can be set in one view
? ICC color management
? “Copy Layout ” reduces setting steps for printing copies of multi-page jobs
? Automatic white ink background choke

PCS offers a user-friendly interface to interactively control the printer, monitor printer status, and set printer options, such as the amplitude and pulse width of jetting waveforms and the temperature for each print head.
? Send job control command to print, abort, pause, resume and reset
? Set pass number, speed, direction and job spacing
? Set spraying on/off, timing, spraying frequency/interval
? Built-in print head alignment pattern